How Do You Recognise Trustworthy People, if You Don’t Trust Others?

Photo by Ronda Dorsey

Imagine this scenario: a rich person is new in town and looking to hang out with others. Whom would she spot first? Another rich person, or a poor one? It is likely that she would spot the rich person first because they are both likely to be joining the same clubs, sharing similar activities, living in the same wealthy area, shopping at the more expensive places, etc.

I use this simple comparison to show that we tend to attract who we are, not what we seek! The simple fact is that if you do not trust anyone, how on earth are you going to attract trustworthy people? Others can only react to you the way YOU treat them, not what you expect of them. If you approach others in a suspicious and distrusting manner, that’s exactly how you are going to be treated yourself, because people can pick up negative vibes a mile away, and are likely to believe that you are not to be trusted either, because of your negative, judgemental and superior approach.

You need to realise that if you don’t trust too many people, you won’t be able to recognise the trustworthy ones, because YOUR actions will draw the untrustworthy ones towards you, every time, making your expectations a self-fulfilling prophecy. It means you will keep getting more reasons not to trust others because you expect the worst.

Negativity cannot attract positivity, so if you really wish to have trustworthy people around you, start TRUSTING YOURSELF to make the right decisions, and trusting others, too. You will find that you attract who you are, and you won’t need to be on your guard with strangers, or fret and worry about whether anyone is trustworthy or not. You will be getting what you are giving, which will let the insincere ones stand out a mile and avoid you altogether.


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