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Why Do Some People Prefer to Hate Others? Lessons in Life Podcast

At some point many of us have wondered why some people seem so hateful towards others, and without reason too, especially on social media where users are likely to be strangers. In fact, some people take delight in treating others badly, for the sake of it, when a little bit of kindness and care could go a long way. Elaine explores roots of this sad situation, putting forward her own reasons for such negative form of behaviour. IF YOU FOUND THIS EPISODE USEFUL….SUBSCRIBE to Lessons in Life podcast on Anchor for more topics that could be of value to your situation or dilemma. For example: Feel Happy or Sad Today? There's an Important Reason For Your Mood My Low Self-Esteem is Holding me Back. How Can I Change it? Motivating Yourself After a Setback, or Failure The Key Causes of Racism How a Mismatch of Perception Affects Our Behaviour Follow Elaine on Twitter @ESiheraESC for new podcast alerts. #podcast #hater #bullying #elainesihera #lifestyle #wellbeingcafe #harassment
  1. Why Do Some People Prefer to Hate Others?
  2. Do You Embrace The Ageing Process or Dread It?
  3. Four Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting A New Relationship
  4. 6 Empowering Ways to Start Your Day
  5. 5 Questions That Determine Your Values And Ultimate Success

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