Today’s Thought: Trying to Find the Perfect Match?

We spend a lot of time subconsciously seeking that ‘perfect’ ideal in a partner without realising just how much anxiety and energy we expend on it. Of course, we will have types of people we prefer, but the more limited the parameters, the narrower the choice and the more difficult these people are to discover. We also tend to forget that we, too, are far from perfect to the other party, and so any perfect match will be a pipe dream.

For example, if we are only interested in blondes, we immediately rule out women of all other hair colours who may carry the same characteristics as blondes, yet who might need nothing more than a colouring shampoo to complete the picture!

Sadly, our search for the perfect mate makes, perhaps, 99% of people we meet unsuitable, as we gradually convince ourselves of their negatives while the positives seldom get the chance to affect us. It seems that so long as people fear being hurt, seek perfect partners and lack the confidence to interact with one another, there will be a growing numbet who are likely to remain single.

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