When Someone Says, “I’m Happy That You’re Happy”, What do They Mean?

Photo by Annie Spratt

That is a form of showing empathy to you, or another person.

It’s one way of sharing someone else’s joy, by showing understanding of their situation, and wanting to demonstrate open support and encouragement. However, it is not always sincere, as shown in the following two contrasting instances:

  1. When we care about someone and how they feel. Their happiness is our joy too, and we want to let them know it, especially when we are trying to please the person or to seek their approval.
  2. When there is some insincerity or envy that is being masked by kind words. This is one way of not showing those feelings, but being ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ instead, with empty sympathetic words.

Those words show alignment and support where meant, while hiding other negative feelings when insincere.

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