The False Notion of The ‘Lazy’ Person

Photo by Adrian Swancar 

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In other words, are there really lazy individuals about?

Many people love to label others, who do not conform to their expectations, as ‘lazy’. Yet that in itself is a lazy form of labelling, or stereotyping, which has little basis in fact. However, as there are some definite mindsets around the concept of laziness, I thought I would add my thoughts on it.

The true fact is that hardly anyone in this world is ever ‘lazy’. No one, except the tiniest of minority (and even they can be changed) would want to live off anyone, not achieve their goals, not make something of themselves, or not want to hold a good job. Everyone of us without exception, desires the good things in life: great health, money and the right opportunities for our life quality. So why do some people appear to be ‘lazy’, not keen to support themselves, or be responsible for their own lives? There are some basic reasons for this. But first, I’ll start with a little story.

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