Today’s Thought: The Power of Self-Value

When you are seeking a partner, it is easy to believe that the relationship is about you getting along with them, and vice versa. But it isn’t. A relationship starts with how you see yourself: whether worthy or unworthy, because others can only take their cue from you in how they treat you, too.

Loving ourselves builds our self-worth. We are more likely to appreciate the wonderful beings we are and value our presence more when we feel good about us. Self-worth comes through constant gratitude for who we are, being thankful that we even have a life when many others do not, and slowly appreciating our many blessings, despite any perceived faults. By appreciating ourselves daily and routinely, we will realise and accept that the other person is as human as we are, not above or below us, and they can only say NO. But, equally, they could also say ‘yes’!

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