Question of The Day (QoTD): Who are you? How Would You Describe Yourself in Just 5 Words?

Sketch of me done by the Royal Navy which has pride of place among my photos!

Personally, I wear so many hats, not fitting easily into any ‘specialist’ or singular mode. However right now I am just battling a chronic illness while I enjoy as much of my life as I can, otherwise the illness might win. I am simply smelling the roses and appreciating my blessings on every new day.

However, I regard myself as a warm, sociable being, who seem to have a knack for understanding others, for motivating, persuading and empowering, and have long since recognised the crucial link between family life, relationships, and occupation (emotional health) for making the person whole. I love my life, despite its tribulations, I smile easily and often, and I take nothing for granted, feeling blessed for having made it this far.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I’m confident, positive, knowledgable, independent, and happy.

How about you? :o)


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