Today’s Thought: The Importance of Sensitivity

Sensitivity is at the core of how we treat others. Accepting the person as they are without wanting to change them to suit us; fully acknowledging their values, culture, identity and who they wish to be; valuing their contributions, opinions and inputs, genuinely listening to them and sharing their concerns. These are all essential elements of showing sensitivity to others. When we put ourselves and our needs first, and can only see our values, cultures and what matters to us, we are lacking great sensitivity to those we care for, and interact with, and are actually denying them respect, no matter what we might say to the contrary.

Most important, if we have no sensitivity towards the feelings of others, how can we genuinely expect our sensitivities to be respected and appreciated? Quite simply, if we wish respect for what we represent, value and cherish, unless we are prepared to give it, too, we cannot expect it in return. 


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