What Happens if I Don’t Feel Satisfied With Anything I Get?

Photo by Zohre Nemati

Then you have a miserable and unhappy life, instead, because there is no such thing as a perfect life where everything is exactly as you desire. It’s not about getting things as you visualise them, but making the most of what you have. It is your choice.

If you are never satisfied with anything you have, that’s a desire for perfection that doesn’t exist, showing an ingratitude for all you are blessed with. You would be a taker instead of a giver because you would have a sense of entitlement which does not sit well with Nature. We are the ones who make ourselves feel happy by either accepting, or constantly resisting, what life gives us. If you are always dissatisfied, that is YOUR choice, and every choice carries consequences, whether good or bad.

It really depends on how you CHOOSE to live your life, whether in joy or in sorrow. Some people cannot bear to be happy because victimhood gives them the attention of others and keeps them feeling significant. But anything that is carried on and on, relentlessly, soon loses its attraction. Hence if you choose to be miserable because you are never satisfied with anything, you will find that people avoid you, too, because no one likes a constant misery guts, or one who just keeps complaining all the time, and never seems happy with anything. You would not have anything positive to offer others, and they will gradually find it a hassle trying to make you happy, because each of us seeks some motivation and encouragement from the people around us. If you give nothing, you are likely to get nothing back.

Someone who is never satisfied with anything is a taker. One who EXPECTS without giving anything back. In fact, while you are busy being dissatisfied with whatever you are given, you are not thinking about anyone else. Being dissatisfied is easy. It tajes no grace, gratitude or talent. Accepting life as it is, and using it to our best advantage, is much harder, but far more motivating, satisfying and rewarding.

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