Premium: How Do I Get a Date to Call Me Back?

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Photo by Hannah Wei

Well….er…you don’t! You tell him to ‘take a hike’ instead, and wave him on briskly.

If you give your number to someone, or you call them at least once and they are not quick to return that call, they are simply not interested, or their ego requires you to do the running to make them feel good, and more of a priority than you are. They are probably just enjoying the attention. Either way, it is not in your interest.

The point I am trying to make here is that no self-respecting person should aim to ‘get’ a guy to return their call. He either WANTS to return that call or he can get lost. That’s the attitude one should develop when one is seeking a genuine relationship with another. It MUST be entirely mutual, otherwise it is doomed from the beginning.

There are five main reasons why someone would not return a person’s calls.

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