The Most Effective Unspoken Rule of Success

Photo by Alysha Rosly

Quite simply, it is Self-Belief.

No matter what you attempt in life, if you only partly-believe you can do it, you are operating on only 50% of your capacity and you won’t be able to really give it the action, determination and commitment it deserves. You will always be plagued with doubts about your capacity to achieve what you want.

Belief is the bedrock of success. The famous ,successful American car maker, Henry Ford, once said: “If you believe you cam, or if you believe you can’t, you’re right on both counts.” If you do not believe you can, you simply won’t. Why? Because everything you do, the way you perceive others, approach situations, and the way you act, will confirm your belief that you will fail.

For example, you wish to start a business but don’t believe it will be successful because you need a loan to launch it. You don’t believe the bank manager will give you the loan, or you won’t get enough money from an investor either. That belief will prevent you from appearing prepared, committed, capable and professional to impress the bank or investor. You might sound convincing to them to some degree, but you won’t sound passionate about your idea or capability because you truly don’t believe it yourself. And if you don’t believe your own aspiration, why should anyone else believe its potential, either?

No matter what you are doing – whether applying for a job, for a promotion, starting a business, taking part in a competitive event or simply achieving a cherished goal, belief is where you have to start – the strongest acceptance that you can do it. Belief is the foundation of success, and if it is not there, everything else is unlikely to materialise, too.

Self-belief controls your level of confidence and self-esteem. It also means that if you have a high belief in your abilities, you are going to deal with problems and setbacks in a much more positive way – focusing on answers than just problems – than someone with little self-belief and a great deal of fear. Nothing is ever exactly as we want it, but our confidence will do much to shape our circumstances to our own satisfaction, and this confidence comes from personal power: the power of self belief and faith in our dreams and potential to achieve them.

How Prepared Are You For Success?

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