Finding It Difficult To Give And Receive Praise? These Might Help

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So many people seem to find it very difficult to cope with positive compliments. They appear to find it natural to criticise and judge, or they expect to be criticised, they have forgotten the art of making someone’s day through simple appreciation and validation.

I remember going into a bakery in the marketplace in High Wycombe, England, not long ago, at the same time as an elderly lady was leaving with her companion. She had great difficulty walking, but she deliberately stopped near the counter and said a very cheerful ‘Good-bye!’ to the staff member who was serving. The girl heard her but looked straight through the woman without smiling, and said nothing. Very disappointed, the woman hobbled out slowly, exclaiming, sadly, that the girl couldn’t be bothered to reply.

This was a pity as it would only have taken a few words to make her day. Giving a cheerful greeting and having it returned was perhaps her way of feeling significant and valued. Yet even that simple wish was denied her through a lack of empathy and neglect.

There are too many people who boast about not praising too much or showing appreciation. They tend to be unhappy, gloomy souls, lacking in self-esteem, who enjoy being mean to others to boost their feeling of power and control. But exactly what are they promoting? Selfishness? Being mean-spirited? Being uncaring and unsupportive? There can never be too much acknowledgement or praise for those we love. It’s a key part of our humanity as, without others, we would simply go mad from isolation.

Personally, I make a point of praising someone every day of my life, as one never knows the effect it will have , the way it might reinforce and affirm them, and the difference it is likely to make to them. However, I am always stuck with words like ‘nice’, ‘good’ ‘super’ to use in praising others, often sounding a little repetitive. Then this arrived in my email from someone in my network (thank you Hari!) and it is brilliant. Now I will never be stuck for choice words of praise any more.

I thought I’d pass the good words along and share them with you too…Why not make a list of your favourites for when you are stuck for words? I hope you feel as great getting them as I enjoyed giving them! :o)

Your challenge from now? To use at least two of them every single day to two different people, and encourage them to pass on the praise in a global happy chain! Our world might even be a much more loving and joyful place.


Image by Sheila Santillan

* Just Wow * Way To Go * Super * You’re Special * Outstanding * Excellent * Great * Good * Neat

* Well Done * Remarkable * I Knew You Could Do It * I’m Proud Of You * Fantastic * Superstar

* Nice Work * Looking Good * You’re On Top Of It * Beautiful * Now You’re Flying

* You’ve Got It * You’re Incredible * Bravo * You’re Fantastic *Hurray For You * You’re On Target

* You’re On Your Way * How Nice *How Smart * That’s Incredible * Dynamite *You’re Beautiful

* You’re Unique * Nothing Can Stop You Now *Good For You * I Like You * You’re A Winner

* Remarkable Job * Beautiful Work * Spectacular * You’re Smart * You’re a Darling

*You’re Precious *Fantastic Job * Hip, Hip, Hurray * Bingo *Magnificent * Marvellous * Terrific

* You’re Important * You’re Phenomenal *You’re Sensational * Super Work * Creative Job

* Super Job * Fantastic Job *Exceptional Performance * You’re A Real Trooper * You Are Exciting

* What An Imagination *What A Good Listener * You Are Fun * You Tried Hard *You’re so Caring

* Outstanding Performance * You’re A Good Friend * I Trust You * You Mean A Lot To Me

* You Make Me Happy *You’ve Got A Friend * You Make Me Laugh * You Brighten My Day

* I Respect You *You Mean The World To Me * You’re A Joy * You’re A Treasure

* You’re Wonderful * You’re Perfect * You’re Awesome *You Made My Day * You’re The Best

* Have a Big Hug * I send You a Kiss * Hey, I Love You!

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