Today’s Thought: How To Gain Respect

Respect is not something we can demand. Respect is given freely once it is earned. Hence you cannot have respect if you give none to others. But respect starts with the self.

We cannot earn the respect of others if we have no respect for ourselves. We cannot expect others to love what we reject if we have no love for ourselves, and we cannot expect value from others if we give ourselves no value. Self-love is the key to personal value, feelings of worth, inclusion, significance and ultimately respect. If you love yourself, you will learn to recognise when people respect and value you, rather than just tolerating you. But you have to value yourself first before that can happen. the feeling that a person respects and cares for you; and you really matter to them.

One way to ensure respect for your values and person is to start appreciating others more. Reduce the judgement and criticism and increase the kindness and support. Be a FRIEND to others and they will want to be friends to you, too, and to respect and affirm you.

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