QUIZ: How Confident Are You? Test Your Level of Self-Assurance

As many people do not understand Confidence, they often mistakenly believe that they are confident, or that they can get confident in an instant if they are feeling fearful or anxious. But Confidence does not work like that. It is a permanent emotion that is the greatest asset we can have – the powerful feeling of being capable and courageous.

In essence, we cannot fake Confidence, or conjure it up from nowhere. That is why instant remedies about how we can boost Confidence seldom work because we have to understand the concept first, before we can appreciate how it affects us, and how it can be utilised to the fullest advantage.

For an explanation of what Confidence is, click here.

NOTE: To test your own Confidence Level, complete the Quiz below. You will be sent your score and a brief explanation of what the score means. If you are low in Confidence, you can request a personal in-depth assessment for a Donation above $12, and effective remedies for boosting it, by contacting consult.elainesihera@gmail.com for more information.


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