What Causes a Person To Seem immature?

Maturity depends on personal development. The same person can seem immature at different stages of their life for a variety of factors relating to their situation, and the most common ones tend to be:

  1. Lack of experience, which leads to a narrow viewpoint, perhaps a refusal to accept the views of others due to this limited perspective, and being stuck at a specific point in time without really moving on.
  2. Lack of knowledge and general awareness about life. It is difficult to be mature without appropriate knowledge and information which tend to enhance intelligence.
  3. Lack of intelligence and the inability to grasp issues that other mature, experienced people might easily appreciate.
  4. A desire to act younger than they are in inappropriate contexts, like people who wish to imitate others instead of being themselves, or try to be what they are not to feel included and part of a specific group.
  5. Fear of being an adult with responsibilities. Staying at an immature level helps the person to feel secure without needing to feel anxious about anything they are not quite ready for.
  6. Being kept at an immature and childish level by parents who are reluctant to let go of their children, and who deny them access to adult knowledge, action and experience.

Maturity is basically an awareness of, and readiness for, required communication and action at each new stage of life. Thus the core of immaturity is ignorance of behaviour in a given context through lack of knowledge, information and experience, which can also include a desire to play the fool, or use excessive humour, to attract attention.



Question of The Day (QoTD): Who are you? How Would You Describe Yourself in Just 5 Words?

Sketch of me done by the Royal Navy which has pride of place among my photos!

Personally, I wear so many hats, not fitting easily into any ‘specialist’ or singular mode. However right now I am just battling a chronic illness while I enjoy as much of my life as I can, otherwise the illness might win. I am simply smelling the roses and appreciating my blessings on every new day.

However, I regard myself as a warm, sociable being, who seem to have a knack for understanding others, for motivating, persuading and empowering, and have long since recognised the crucial link between family life, relationships, and occupation (emotional health) for making the person whole. I love my life, despite its tribulations, I smile easily and often, and I take nothing for granted, feeling blessed for having made it this far.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I’m confident, positive, knowledgable, independent, and happy.

How about you? :o)